The Many Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Dr. Dave Jenkins

If you are looking for a health care provider who was going to provide you with treatment plans that have been tailored to meet your unique needs, then look no further than chiropractic care. Some people think about chiropractors, they often think about healthcare professionals who have been trained to help people with back pain. While this is certainly one of the main benefits of seeing a chiropractor, there are also several other benefits that everyone should note. Take a look below at some of the top benefits of seeing a chiropractor in the local area!

Treat Back and Neck Pain

Of course, one of the main benefits of seeing a chiropractor is at this is a great way to address both back and neck pain. There are several reasons why people might be suffering from back pain. Some of the most common examples include:

  • The development of certain forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • A herniated disc, most commonly between L3 and L4 or L4 and L5
  • Compression fractures in the back
  • Paraspinal muscle tenderness

Some of the most common forms of neck pain include:

  • The development of whiplash, which is a sprain of the upper cervical ligaments, commonly taking place in an auto accident
  • Poor workplace ergonomics, particularly and individuals who spend their days sitting at a desk
  • Issues with the pillow or mattress, leading to neck pain when people wake up

These are just a few of the most common reasons why individuals suffer from back or neck pain. A chiropractor is able to take a look at alignment issues between the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, using adjustments to improve the alignment of people's bodies. This can go a long way toward addressing the root causes of back and neck pain.

Treat Multiple Types of Headaches

In addition, a chiropractor is able to treat multiple types of headaches. For example, a trained chiropractor is able to treat individuals who suffer from tension headaches, which is the most common type of headaches. These headaches often feel like a vice around the scalp. A chiropractor is able to take a look at the causes of muscle tightness in the scalp, using adjustments and manipulations to release these muscles and help people recover.

Furthermore, a chiropractor is also able to treat migraines. The chiropractor can use adjustments and manipulations to alter the flow of nerve signals between the neck and brain. This can be used to alter blood flow throughout the brain, possibly helping people avoid the development of migraines in the future.

Improve Posture

There are countless people who suffer from stiffness and soreness on a daily basis. Often, this has to do with poor posture. There are lots of people who have knots in their legs, neck, back, and shoulders. This can lead to significant alignment issues in the neck and back. A chiropractor is able to work on these knots, improve the alignment of the neck and back, and help people improve their overall posture. This can go a long way to or treating the stiffness and soreness will also reducing the chances that these issues return in the future.

Reduce Pain Without Prescription Medications or Surgeries Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek the help of a healthcare professional. Sadly, there are many people who end up relying on prescription medication and surgery to help them recover from chronic pain. Opioids and narcotics are incredibly addictive and can lead to serious side effects. Furthermore, individuals might end up with major complications following surgical procedures.

A chiropractor is able to provide an alternative treatment regimen. A chiropractor takes a holistic approach to the management of chronic pain. While Chiropractic adjustments are going to be at the center of this treatment plan, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, and numerous other treatment options can be used to address chronic pain without relying on surgery or medications. This can help people treat chronic pain without leading to serious side effects or complications.

Treat Injuries After an Auto Accident

Finally, another one of the major benefits of seeing a chiropractor has to do with injuries following an auto accident. Even though everyone places safety first when they get behind the wheel of a car, an auto accident can happen when people least expect it.

Some of the most common injuries that a chiropractor can treat include:

  • Headaches and concussions that stem from a blow to the head from the steering wheel or dashboard
  • Ligament sprains, including dashboard knee, which is a sprain of the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL)
  • Neck pain, particularly whiplash that takes place when the next snaps from side to side, spraining the upper cervical ligament

A chiropractor is able to work with each individual patient, coming up with a treatment plan that has inhalers to meet his or her unique names. In this manner, chiropractors can help everyone achieve a more comprehensive recovery following an auto accident.

Rely on the Help of an Experienced Chiropractor

These are just a few of the many benefits of seeing a chiropractor for a wide variety of healthcare needs. A chiropractor is going to take the time to listen to the concerns of each individual patient. The goal of a chiropractor is to address the root cause of each issue, preventing problems from returning in the future. Reach out to a chiropractor in your local area today!

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